Fence Scapes is Asheville’s premier, full-service fencing company that provides professional contractor services to Buncombe County, Henderson County and the surrounding areas. Our company offers high-quality chain link fencing, custom wood fencing, ornamental iron or aluminum fencing, PVC and vinyl fencing, farm and livestock fencing, wood and steel guardrails, residential gates and gate operators, gate operator maintenance and repair, and decks of all sizes and shapes. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, let us help you get started on your fencing project; call Fence Scapes today!



Wood Fencing

Chain link fence on grass - Fence Scapes, Asheville, NC

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fence on grass - Fence Scapes, Asheville, NC


Wooden backyard deck, Fence Scapes, Asheville, NC


Residential aluminum gate operator - Fence Scapes, Asheville, NC

PVC & Vinyl Fencing

PVC and Vinyl fence in backyard, Fence Scapes, Asheville, NC

Aluminum & Iron Fencing

Aluminum/iron fence for backyard pool - Fence Scapes, Asheville, NC

Farm & Livestock Fencing

Farm & Livestock wooden fence on grassy slope - Fence Scapes, Asheville, NC

Wood and Steel Guardrails

Farm & Livestock wooden fence on grassy slope - Fence Scapes, Asheville, NC

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Choosing the Right Fence for Your Needs

If you’re in the market for a new fence, there’s a couple of questions you need to ask yourself. First, what will you be using it for? Privacy? Keeping kids or animals contained in the yard? Adding value to your property? What materials would work best for your goal? Whether you’re looking for more privacy, securing your pool, or keeping animals in and/or out, here’s what you need to know before choosing the right fence for your needs.

First Things First

Before starting any fencing project, there are a few things to consider. Most areas have codes and guidelines concerning material, placement, and height, so you may want to consult with the local building authorities and homeowner’s association first. You should also know your property lines; make sure you talk with your neighbors and the fence’s potential impact. If your fence will border property lines and you and your neighbor can agree on the design, you may be able to split the cost. Make sure to get all plans and agreements in writing.

You should also determine your budget before starting your fence project. This will narrow down the selection of materials and any customizations you may require. For example, chain link fences and vinyl fences on flat areas and right-angle intersections are the most economical, while wood and iron materials, special angles, and hilly areas will increase your price.

Choosing the Right Material

With so many choices in styles and materials, it can be hard to choose which fence is best for you and your needs. Maybe the first thing you can do is take note of the general fence style in your neighborhood and surrounding areas, and the fences that appeal to you. Research the material of the fences you like and determine which would serve you best and fits your personal style. There are many pros and cons with each type of material, so you have to examine what is best for you. Some materials are virtually maintenance free or require regular maintenance; some fences are better for pet control and some just add visual enhancement, so you must decide what is your primary goal for the fence. Check out our services page to learn about what we offer and contact us if you have any questions!


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